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I’m Pete Stanbridge, owner and sole craftsman of this small family-owned business located in Newfoundland, Canada, near the Easternmost point in North America. The company’s focus is on handcrafting the finest wood snare drums and drum kits available anywhere. I devote a great deal of time and attention on the details required to make that happen.
I hope you enjoy your visit to our website. There are lots of photos of new projects in the Drum Gallery, and our Craftsmanship section provides insight into how our drums are built, and why they are so sought after. I’ve added a new section with an FAQ page, Client Testimonials, and some photos of our beautiful surroundings, along with more current information on our Wood Species, Finish Options, and Restoration Work. And I’ve set up a Blog to keep people up to speed on the progress of many of our current projects - especially drum kits!
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding our instruments, so please feel free to drop us a line when you are through browsing.
Thanks again -                  
                                         Pete Stanbridge
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